Firepot Nomadic Teas

Welcome to the wonderful world of Firepot Nomadic Teas! These drinks are not only delicious but provide many many health benefits that we, as diabetics, could benefit from. So please, take time to explore these with confidence!

GOOD NEWS! NONE OF THE TEAS HAVE CARBS!!! Simply steep and enjoy 🤗

Hand Crafted Drinks

Matcha Supreme: Coconut milk 21.5 g; Whole milk 24.5 g

Immunity Tonic: 23 g

Chocolate Chai: Coconut milk 7.5 g; Whole milk 9.75 g

Cardamom Matcha Latte: Coconut milk 10 g; Whole milk 13 g

Bowl of Soul: Coconut milk 25.31 g; Whole milk 28.31

Turmeric Paste (6 oz): 39.7 g

Tea Lattes (Italian Gray, Firepot Breakfast, Music City Morning, Indian Rose Garden): Coconut milk 7.5 g; Whole milk 9.75 g

Street Chai: Coconut milk 14.5 g; Whole milk 15.25 g

Firepot Chai: Coconut milk 21.25 g; Whole milk 23.13 g

Children’s Chai: Coconut milk 12.75 g; Whole milk 13.9 g

Matcha Shot: 3.8 g

Ginger Shot: 1.2 g

Peant Butter Energy Bites: 11 g (1 oz)


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