Farm Burger

Farm Burger is not just about delicious and sustainable food but they are all about close and local relationships as well. Therefore, it was a no brainer that PLAD would partner with them! From our very first meeting (where I devoured pimento cheese) to now being able to provide you with carb counts, Farm Burger has become one of my favorite go to’s in Nashville. If you aren’t in Nash-Vegas than no worries, they are also in Atlanta!! So next time you are craving a truly amazing burger there is no question that you need to check them out.

Blackboard Burgers (no substitutions)
BLT Burger: 39 g
Hot Fried Catfish Sandwich: 53 g
#1 Farm Burger: 40 g
#2 Housemade Vegan: 71 g
#2 Vegan Burger with Beyond Meat: 45 g
#2 Vegan Burger with Impossible Burger: 49 g
#3 Pastured Pig: 61 g
#4 Chicken Burger: 54 g
#5 Sunny Side: 37 g
#6 Spicy Chicken: 50 g
#7 Season (catfish sandwich): 60 g

Fall 2019 farm salad: 94 g (Large) 47 g (small)
Farm salad: 15 g (large) 8 g (small)
Super food salad: 34 g (large) 17 g (small)

Fries and Rings
Basket of fries: 60 g
Basket of sweet potato fries: 54 g
Farm burger fries basket: 63 g
Onion rings: 34 g
Pimento cheese fries : 68 g
Rings and fries: 62 g
Side of onion rings: 26 g
Side of regular fries: 25 g
Side of sweet potato fries: 22

Braised collards: 35 g
Kale slaw: 8 g
Sweet potato hush puppies with apple butter: 64 g

Lil’ Farmers (no sides)
Fried chicken lollipops: 14 g
Fruit and veg cup: 21 g
Grilled cheese: 34 g
Juice box (apple): 21 g
Juice box (fruit punch): 22 g
Juice box (very berry): 22 g
Lil’ cheese burger: 19 g
Low fat 1% chocolate milk: 23 g
Low fat 1% milk: 13 g

Banjo cold brew – sweetened: 9 g
Golda kambucha lavender: 4 g
Golda kambucha strawberry mint: 4 g
Guayaki revel berry yerba mate: 28 g
Lemonade: 54 g
Mexican coke: 39 g
Tractor blood orange: 21 g
Tractor cherry cream: 22 g
Tractor kola cola: 21 g
Tractor kola cola light: 10 g
Tractor root beer: 27 g

Desserts and Floats
Chocolate milkshake: 54 g
Vanilla milkshake: 42 g
Black cow float: 39 g
Brown cow float: 33 g

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