The Wild Cow

The Wild Cow restaurant is easily one of Nashville’s favorite vegan and vegetarian restaurants. Their menu ranges from a caesar salad to a French quarter dip to chipotle seitan tacos (all of which I have had and are amazing!!!). With their goal of “bring[ing] people together for the love of good food in a fun & relaxed environment, while supporting [the] community and organizations that promote our philosophies” it was a no brainer for Party Like A Diabetic to partner with them.

While Melanie, the Co-Owner, was discussing this venture with her staff one of her amazing Managers, Heather, spoke up and willingly took on the big task of analyzing the menu and obtaining carb counts. Part of the reason that Heather volunteered, besides having a big heart, was that she herself has diabetes and wanted to help others who face the dreaded “guesstimating” while eating out.
So, without further ado… Here are the carb counts for the delicious, sustainable, and all around amazing Wild Cow!


Small Ceasar salad: 14.8

Vegan Queso (with chips): 71.4

Hummus and pita (2 whole pitas): 133 — (123 if eaten with chips)

Buffalo Tempeh Strips: 20

Spinach artichoke dip (2 whole pitas): 88

Nachos: 125.8 — (126.8 with avocado; 172.2 with chipotle seitan chorizo)



Black beans: 45.6

Pinto beans: 44

Mashed sweet potatoes: 17.5

Garlicky Kale: 11.6

Chickpea salad: 37.2

Lentil stew: 20.6

Pineapple coleslaw: 9.2

Hummus with chips: 64.6

Salsa verde with chips: 28.2

Spinach dip and chips: 30.9

Vegan queso and chips: 22.8

Side Salad: 5.2


Ceasar: 38.6 — (44.2 with tofu; 47.6 with tempeh; 39.6 with avocado; 43.7 with portabella mushroom)

Chickpea: 48

Taco salad: 136.7

Greek Gyro: 83

Market veggie: 12.5


Ranch: 4

Ginger miso: 26

Molasses vinaigrette: 28.4

Cucumber yogurt: 5.2

Ceasar: 8


Wild reuben: 32.1 — (37.7 with tofu; 41.1 with tempeh)

Buffalo grinder: 43.7 — (49.3 with buffalo tofu; 52.7 with buffalo tempeh)

B.L.A.T.: 42

French Quarter dip: 84.6 — (91.6 with vegan cheese; 85.9 with vegan queso; 84.6 with dairy swiss)

Gyro pita: 75.7

Veggie burger: 46.1

Patty melt: 40.4 — (47.4 with vegan cheese)


Tacos and Wraps

Sweet potato and black bean: 57.6 — (93.6 with corn tortilla; 87.6 with flour tortilla)

Chipotle seitan: 51.7 — (87.7 with corn tortilla; 81.7 with flour tortilla)

Portabello: 48.3 — (84.3 with corn tortilla; 78.3 with flour tortilla)

Chickpea salad wrap: 79

Buffalo Ceasar wrap: 87.6

Chipotle and black bean burrito: 135.9

Entree Bowls

The OG beans and greens: 64

Buffalo beans and greens: 67.6 — (73.3 with tofu; 76.6 with tempeh)

Lentil bowl: 53.3

Veggie Quinoa: 49.8

Stir-fry: 90.2


Chipotle chorizo: 46.4 (1 cup)

Portabello mushroom: 15.3 (6 oz)

Tofu: 5.6 (2 slices)

Tempeh: 9 (2 slices)

Seitan bacon: 15.15 (4 slices)


Vanilla hemp milk: 23

Chocolate almond milk: 19






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