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Barrio Brewing Co.

Barrios Brewing Company is Arizona’s third largest independent brewing and claims the name of “Arizona’s neighborhood brewery”. With 27 years of constant innovation it is no surprise that their beers are in high demand! Below are the carb counts on their top selling beers available outside of their brewery and in a store near you … Continue reading Barrio Brewing Co.

Dino’s Carb Counts

Dino’s restaurant in historic East Nashville is the oldest dive bar in East Nasty. Specializing in late night food, and more specifically cheeseburgers. Dino’s is a staple watering hole for locals and visitors. It is a classic and one not to miss! (Please note that these are the estimated carbs per dish and may vary … Continue reading Dino’s Carb Counts

Party Like A Diabetic Launch

November 3, 2018 Party Like A Diabetic Launches Online Carb-Counting Platform for Diabetics in Nashville, TN. By Samantha Boettger If you know someone with celiac disease, you know that anytime they pick up a menu, their eyes immediately dart to two simple, hyphenated words, “gluten-free”. With a sigh of relief, they plan their meal with … Continue reading Party Like A Diabetic Launch