New Year, New You, No Thanks

“New Year, New You, No Thanks”! Umm excuse me? What in the world do you mean Caitlin? Are you saying that you have it all together? You are just so perfect that you don’t need to set “resolutions” and change certain aspects of yourself?

First off, HA!

Second, I will be the first to admit that I have a lot of self-work to do. Third, I absolutely have a list of defined SMART goals that I am consistently working towards.

What I mean by “New Year, New You, No Thanks” is that you are not becoming a new person by setting resolutions for yourself. You have ALWAYS had the qualities, strengths, values, and ability to create habits to get to that certain weight, to pick up a new hobby, to go after your dreams etc.

You have the determination. You have the power. You have the resilience.

By making New Year goals you are deciding to focus your attention, intention, and energy to nurture and highlight aspects of yourself that have always been there.

Will you be creating new habits? Of course! But what does it take to create those new habits? Qualities you ALREADY possess! It is not about creating a whole new you and discarding who you have always been.

You need who you have always been because you have everything it takes to be that best you. YOU are going to get yourself to where you want to be.

Now, this is the Health Coach coming out in me but I want you to think about a time when you set a goal and reached it. It can be any goal. What did it feel like? What strengths did you use to get there? What motivated you? How did your values tie in? What qualities that you have always had play a role in your success? Realize that it was all of these components, these traits, and your thoughts that got you there.

So please, give yourself the credit that you deserve. You don’t need a new you. You have everything that you need to crush whatever goals you set, despite the date on the calendar!

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