Guilty Pleasure

One time when I told someone that I keep candy by my bed just in case I go low throughout the night their response was “I wish I had diabetes so I could eat candy in the middle of the night”. If only you could have seen my face….. Looking back, I have so many things that I wish I would have said instead but in this case I just stared at her and said “Ya, you can still do that…” (lame).

Going low is never convenient which is why it is always important to have supplies with you. Sometimes, though, those supplies are better than others. This is what us diabetics call a “Low Treat”. To be honest, sometimes I feel a guilty pleasure about going low. If you ask anyone who has experienced lows regularly enough I guarantee you they have felt the same. My “Low Treat” is the delicious Hershey’s chocolate toffee almond bites. Good lord, not only do I get to savor these amazing treats but I get to save my life at the same time!!! I mean, that’s a win win right?

One thought on “Guilty Pleasure

  1. My favorite used to be cereal and milk. However, that was not a good choice as I always ate too much. Now I have the small bottles of apple juice. Much better.

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