Dino’s Carb Counts

Dino’s restaurant in historic East Nashville is the oldest dive bar in East Nasty. Specializing in late night food, and more specifically cheeseburgers. Dino’s is a staple watering hole for locals and visitors. It is a classic and one not to miss!

(Please note that these are the estimated carbs per dish and may vary with certain items such as fries and hashbrowns)

Dino’s Cheeseburger: 31.2 g
Joe’s Hot Chicken: 39.5 g
BLT: 30.4 g
Cup of Chili: 21 g
Huevos Black Beans: 41 g
Grilled Cheese: 28 g
Chicken Sandwich: 53.2 g
Dino’s Breakfast: 26 g
Egg N’ A Hole: 13 g
Damn Sandwich: 32 g
Frito Pie: 35 g
Fish Sandwich: 49.5
Fish and Chips: 69 g
Cheese Quesadilla: 33 g
Cheesesteak Sandwich: 38 g
Steak Sandwich: 36 g
Breakfast Burrito: 37 g
Huevos Rancheros: 62 g
Steak N’ Eggs: 3 g (no hashbrowns)
Breakfast Patty Melt: 31 g
Side of Fries: 49 g
Basket of Fries: 70 g

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