Guide to Stress Management for Women with Diabetes

Since being diagnosed, I have come to realize how big of a factor that stress plays in my diabetes management. I have written about burn out (click HERE to read) but there is obviously so much more that goes into overall stress management and reduction. So, in true fashion, I decided to do something about it 🙂 I created an 8 week group health coaching program specifically focused on helping women with diabetes learn techniques and strategies to manage/reduce their stress levels!

High levels of stress make management of diabetes difficult due to stress hormones that impact glucose levels. As stressors are a part of our daily lives, it is important to learn techniques that help reduce the overall impact of those events. This 8-week health coaching course is specifically designed for women who have diabetes that want to learn mindfulness based stress management techniques as a way to enhance their management of diabetes. Techniques and strategies, such as breath work, mindful eating and identifying stress triggers will provide participants with the tools and resources to reduce the overall effects of stress.

Upon completion of this course, participants will have an understanding of their stress “triggers”, how they react to stress, how stress effects them, and what techniques and strategies help them feel more prepared to deal with stressors and triggers. Participants will have a defined 3-month goal, set at the beginning of the program, to work towards developing their ideal stress management practice. By setting an individual goal, the participant will be able to tailor the program towards their unique needs and to continue progressing towards their desired outcome after completion of the program.

Components of the program include:
• Eight, one-hour group calls held on Zoom
• Self-directed exercises between calls to begin implementing their learnings
• Three 20 minute one-on-one health coaching calls with Caitlin
• Email check-in, 2 weeks post program, on the individual’s 3-month goal set at the beginning of the program.

Every Monday at 7 pm CT, beginning June 3rd and ending July 29th
$495 payable by credit card, check, Paypal.
$450 early-bird registration if enrolled by 5/29
To sign up for the program, please email me at or respond to this post!

Instructor information:
I received her health coaching certificate from Vanderbilt University Medical Center and am a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. After being diagnosed with late onset type 1 diabetes at 26, I made it my life mission to help people with diabetes live their fullest lives. I am also an adjunct instructor at Meharry Medical College where I train first year medical students on health coaching and effective communication strategies.

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