Under The Bodhi Tree


This is definitely my favorite vegetarian and vegan restaurant on the Big Island, Hawaii! Not only are the ingredients for the food grown locally, but they are also fresh and seasonal! Whether you are familiar with vegan and vegetarian dishes or are trying them out for the first time, you cant go wrong with Under The Bodhi Tree!!

Avocado Curry Salad: 10.3 g

Mediterranean Dream Salad ( PERSONAL FAVORITE): 28.7 g

Plant A Seed Salad: 9.1 g

Go Greek Salad: 14 g

Avocado Toast: 47.7 g

Loaded Melt: 47 g

All Wrapped Up: 58.1 g

Falafel Club: 77.9 g

Bowling 4 Veggies: 54.1 g

Paniolo Potato: 68.4 g

Holy Frijole: 89.3 g

Ulu Soup: 14.1 g

Three Bean Corn Chili: 33.8 g

Egg Scramble:
with HomeFries 41.3 g
With Greens 27.1 g
With Fruits 39.6 g

French Toast with Maple Syrup: 76 g

Acai Bowl: 51.3 g

Quinoa Super Foods Bowl: 82.2 g

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